Save Linley's Hidden Ridge Campaign News #3

In this edition of Save Linley's Hidden Ridge Campaign News:

  • Door-to-Door Canvassers Hear Residents' Concerns
  • Development Details Now Posted on City Website 

Door-to-Door Canvassers Hear Residents' Concerns

With few exceptions, the people that our volunteer canvassers talk to are concerned about the impacts on the quality of life in the Lost Lake neighbourhood, especially the safety impacts related to increased traffic and access to emergency services. The impact on the Linley Valley ecosystem is another major concern of residents.  With this kind of response, our volunteers are keen to extend their efforts to other neighbourhoods surrounding Linley Valley.

Surprisingly, many local residents aren't aware of the wonderful walking and biking trails in their very backyard.  

Whether it is concerns about the neighbourhood and the recreational enjoyment of Linley Valley, or the desire to protect this valuable and diverse ecosystem, residents are overwhemingly happy to sign the petition either at the doorstep or through the website link. 

We encourage you to share this news blog or visit our FaceBook page and share with your friends and groups. 



The Developer's revised application has now been posted on the City of Nanaimo "What's Building" website.  While the application to amend the Official Community Plan (OCP), removing these properties from the Urban Reserve, remains, what is surprising is that this revised application no longer includes an application to rezone these properties to steep slope development.  Why?  Of course we do not know, but we do wonder if it is to save the costs and time of submitting the studies and plans required of a rezoning application. Once removed from the Urban Reserve there are fewer barriers to proceeding to development. Details about moving from concept to construction will now not be available for consideration. 

Subdivision concept plan as submitted by the Developer to the City of Nanaimo

(click on image enlarge)

Anyone who lives in the Lost Lake area has experienced years of blasting and construction traffic from the new subdivisions at the west end of Linley Valley, and off Dewar Road. They know how difficult it would be to build on the steep, rocky land that is the Hidden Ridge. The properties that the application covers are some of the most beautiful, yet steep, rocky slopes on the northern boundary of Linley Valley Cottle Lake Park. Residents can expect many years of blasting and large trucks rumbling along Lost Lake Road. 

The Save Linley's Hidden Ridge website has been updated with additional details about the Developer's application, extracted  from the information accessible on the City of Nanaimo website.  Highlighted on our page is the subdivision conceptual plan, and links to the biophysical assessment and off-site traffic upgrade plan.  

To learn more visit the Save Linley's Hidden Ridge website "Development Details" page.