A Day to Celebrate - Update #7

In this edition of Save Linley's Hidden Ridge Campaign News:

  • Celebrating Council's unanimous rejection of OCP Amendment Application
  • "Thank You" all around

Council unanimously Rejects applicaton to develop Linley's Hidden Ridge

Photo by Ron Clark

Photo by Ron Clark

Today is a day to celebrate and extend gratitude, having reached a pivotal milestone in the Campaign to Save Linley's Hidden Ridge.    

We are delighted with the unanimous decision Monday night (December 18, 2017) by Nanaimo City Councillors  Armstrong, Bestwick, Brennan, Fuller, Yoachim, Kipp, Thorpe and Mayor McKay to reject the developer's Application to amend the OCP, and remove 72 acres of beautiful wilderness from the Urban Land Reserve, which would have paved the way for a subdivision development.   This was our first "ask" on the petition.  

The four Save Linley's Hidden Ridge delegations spoke eloquently and professionally, not only identifying the procedural reasons why the application should be turned down and the impacts on the surrounding neighbourhood, but also articulating the ecological and societal reasons why protecting these lands is the right thing to do.  A video of the proceedings is posted on the City website if you would like to watch the presentations and the discussion among the Councillors (1 hour, 29 minutes; starting at 8:59 pm on the video).  

While this was the first, and pivotal, step in protecting Linley's Hidden Ridge, we remain committed to asking City Council to act on our second and third petition requests:  

  • Work with the citizens of Nanaimo to develop a comprehensive plan for Linley Valley and the surrounding neighbourhoods; and,
  • Add the 72 acre Hidden Ridge land to the existing Linley Valley Cottle Lake Park.

We heard many positive statements from Councillors that would indicate they appreciate the ecological sensitivity of these lands and the health and environmental services that intact ecosystems provide to our community.  Councillor Brennan asked that City staff explore options to acquire these properties and add them to the existing Linley Valley Cottle Lake Park.  So while we are very hopeful, we know that it is necessary to continue our campaign to Save Linley's Hidden Ridge, and hope that you too will remain engaged and supportive.

Many, Many Thanks

A lot of hard work, time and energy contributed to the success of Save Linley's Hidden Ridge campaign thus far.  We would like to recognize and express our gratitude for the wonderful contributions of: 

Linley's Hidden Ridge "Serenity Trail"     Photo by Ron Clark

Linley's Hidden Ridge "Serenity Trail"

Photo by Ron Clark

  • The volunteers who dedicated their time and energy knocking on doors and attending farmer's markets handing out "Your Voice Matters" flyers and collecting petition signatures.
  • Poet and writer Jay Ruzesky, Bagpiper Barb Christofferson and photographer Amber Morrison for donating their time to lead our summer "Art In The Park" workshops.
  • Myriam Verzat for bringing a creative and fresh approach to our social media presence with her memes and inspiring quotes.
  • Trevor Cooper for his graphic design of our logo and event posters
  • Michele from Island Roots Market and Krista from Cedar Market for allowing us to petition at the market.
  • Sherry Mauro and the Lost Lake Neighbourhood Association.
  • Barry Lyseng and the Stephenson Point Neighbourhood Association.
  • Roberta Mancini - one of the sfirst residents along Lost Lake Road and a champion for this neighbourhood, speaking as another delegation to Council on Monday night.

and Importantly

  • Each of the 2,712 people who had signed the petition before Monday's Council meeting.
  • Everyone who shared our blogs, petition, and FaceBook posts, and wrote letters supporting the Campaign to the Mayor and Councillors.
  • Everyone who came out to the Council Meeting Monday night to demonstrate your commitment to protecting the Linley Valley ecosystem and all its inhabitants. 

and finally

  • Councillors Armstrong, Bestwick, Brennan, Fuller, Yoachim, Kipp, Thorpe and Mayor McKay, who not only voted to reject the Application, but also recognize the importance of protecting Linley Valley.
  • City Staff for their professional assistance in helping Save Linley's Hidden Ridge navigate the complexities of the municipal bureaucracy, rules and policies.
Linley's Hidden Ridge Trail the day after Council's decision.  At peace for today.         Photo by Marilyn Hargreaves

Linley's Hidden Ridge Trail the day after Council's decision.  At peace for today.  

 Photo by Marilyn Hargreaves




Wishing you peace, fellowship and the gifts of nature this holiday season

Save Linley's Hidden Ridge Steering Committee









Your voice matters

We continue to encourage you to: 

  • Write to the Mayor and Council (Mayor&Council@nanaimo.ca) expressing gratitude for their courage and wisdom to reject this OCP Amendment, and reaffirming the need to work with Nanaimo's citizens to develop a comprehensive plan for the protection of Linley Valley and to acquire these lands to add them to the existing Linley Valley Cottle Lake Park.
  • Let others know about the Save Linley's Hidden Ridge campaign and sign the petition so that our collective voice only becomes stronger.