City to Add 50 Acres to Linley Valley Park - Update #8

In this edition of Save Linley's Hidden Ridge Campaign News:

  • Deal signed for City to purchase 50 Acres and expand Linley Valley Cottle Lake Park
  • What's next for the Save Linley's Hidden Ridge campaign & Linley Valley

celebrating an Expanded LinlEy Valley Park

Photo by Ron Clark

Photo by Ron Clark

The City of Nanaimo announced today the purchase of 50 acres of beautiful wilderness adjacent to Linley Valley Cottle Lake Park.  

The property, 5260 Tanya Drive, is the largest of the three properties that Save Linley's Hidden Ridge campaigned to protect and keep within the Urban Reserve.

In December last year, Council turned down a developer's application to amend the Official Community Plan (OCP) and build a mixed density neighbourhood development on these three properties. Now, after a period of negotiation, the City and the owners of 5260 Tanya Drive have reached an agreement for the City to purchase this 50 acre property and add it to Linley Valley Park.  

Save Linley's Hidden Ridge's team couldn't be more pleased and we want to share our excitement and gratitude with you. 

Today's announcement affirms that citizens can make a real and valuable contribution to making our communities a healthy and sustainable place to live.  We believe that the 2,743 citizens who signed the Save Linley's Hidden Ridge Petition were instrumental in establishing a mandate for Council, not only to deny the OCP amendment, but to purchase this property and protect the whole valley. 

Save Linley's Hidden Ridge would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who committed to making this day possible, especially City Council, City Staff, the Save Linley's Hidden Ridge  volunteers and everyone who signed the petition, shared our posts, and spread the word. 

What's Next

The Save Linley's Hidden Ridge petition had three requests of Nanaimo City and Council:

Photo by Ron Clark

Photo by Ron Clark

  1. Reject the developer’s applications to a) amend the Official Community Plan; b) remove the land from the Urban Reserve; and, c) have it rezoned for a steep slope subdivision.
  2. Add the 72 acre Hidden Ridge land to the existing Linley Valley Cottle Lake Park; and,
  3. Work with the citizens of Nanaimo to develop a comprehensive plan for Linley Valley and the surrounding neighbourhoods;

With goals one and two (mostly) accomplished, it is time to work with the City Parks Department on a Park Plan that will maintain the ecological integrity of Linley Valley, not only for the health and well being of Nanaimo's citizens, but also for the wildlife that calls Linley Valley home.

Members of the Save Linley's Hidden Ridge Steering Committee met in April with the Director of Parks, Richard Harding, Parks and Open Space Planner, Kirsty MacDonald, and Environmental Planner, Rob Lawrence, to discuss plans for the development of an official Park Plan for Linley Valley. We received an open and genuine welcome to work with the City in the planning process.    We believe that with today's announcement, and our very positive meeting, there is truly an opportunity for citizens to engage proactively in this planning process.  

Your voice matters  

Please stay tuned for more information about how you can support the next phase of protecting this Nanaimo gem for generations to come. 

Thank you everyone

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