Campaign Updates

Petition Progress

700+ and Counting

Through our presence at the Bowen and Cedar Farmer's Markets, our online petition, and our Facebook Page and website, we now have over 700 signatures on the petition.

Our volunteers have been busy handing out "Your Voice Matters" information bulletins, chatting with concerned citizens of Nanaimo and visitors to our beautiful city, and collecting signatures.  At each event, we hear how much people care about protecting green spaces within our communities, and not just cultivated parks, but true natural ecosystems.  

2017-08-20 13.06.40.jpg

Save Linley's Hidden Ridge Campaign collects signatures at the Bowen and Cedars Farmers Market 

Rezoning Application Status

The application to remove 72 acres of wilderness from the Urban Land Reserve in Linley Valley by Broadview Developments Inc. was deemed incomplete by the City of Nanaimo in the spring.  We make regular calls to City staff to enquire about the status of the application.  As of September 21, 2017, we were told the City has not yet received the revised application.  Not wanting to be caught flat-footed, the campaign to Save Linley's Hidden Ridge is still in high gear.  Stay tuned for updates.  

Art in the Valley awarness Events

What a wonderful summer of exploring the Arts in the Valley!  The Campaign to Save Linley's Hidden Ridge hosted three wonderful art events: 

Poets meet at Burma Road entrance to Linley Valley Cottle Lake Park

Poets meet at Burma Road entrance to Linley Valley Cottle Lake Park

Writing the Wild with Jay ruzesky 

Acclaimed novelist, poet, filmmaker and adventure writer

On a lovely Sunday morning July 23, we explored the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures of the natural richness that is Linley Valley Cottle Lake Park.  

Jay lead the group on an exploratory walk, explaining how to experience the forest ecosystem with more than just our eyes.

 We were delighted when one of our enthusiastic supporters, pointed out a resident Barred Owl.  He or she seemed oblivious to our excitement, perched on a low fir branch.

Arriving at Cottle Lake, Jay lead us through some fun exercises, exploring metaphors and the craft of creating poetic verse.  Then, challenging us to find inspiration from our experience of connecting with nature in new ways, set us the task of crafting poetic verse.  A few of the morning's poems are posted on our FaceBook page.


Music At Sunset with Barb Christofferson

A magical sunset with Bagpiper Barb and Save Linley's Hidden Ridge supporters

A magical sunset with Bagpiper Barb and Save Linley's Hidden Ridge supporters

Island Baggerpiper from Cobble Hill

Save Linley's Hidden Ridge supporters came out on August 22 for an early evening stroll through the forest, along the west Linley ponds and up to the West Linley Ridge for a surprise musical treat. The haunting sounds of bagpipes echoed through the forest as the supporters reached the West Linley Ridge just in time to delight in a beautiful sunset.  



Art Photography with Amber Morrison

VIU Visual Art Graduate and Creative Writing Student.  

On a crisp September 10th morning Amber Morrison led a group of keen photographers on a hike through the emerging fall colours of the Linley Valley.  Enticing everyone to see the Valley in new ways with a game of photography bingo and her artist's eye. 

Pond with ducks.jpg

What's Next

Door to Door petition campaign planning underway

With the possibility that the Developer's application will be resubmitted for review at any time, the Campaign to Save Linley's Hidden Ridge team is currently planning a door-to-door campaign to inform residents in all the neighbourhoods that surround Linley Valley about the proposed development and gather more signatures for the Petition

"Many hands make light work."

We need to send a strong message to City Council.  To cover as many homes and obtain as many signatures as possible, we are looking for volunteers to assist with this critical job.  If you would like to donate a few hours to assist click "VOLUNTEERS NEEDED" link.  Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to arrange a schedule and location.