Save Linley's Hidden Ridge Report Submitted to Council

Linley Valley Ridge - Photo by Ron Clark

Save Linley's Hidden Ridge campaign has spent months raising awareness about the negative impacts that amending Nanaimo's Official Community Plan to remove 72 acres from the Urban Land Reserve for a Steep Slope Development in Linley Valley will bring about. 

The following report summarizes the research and analysis, the results of the petition campaign and the reasons why this application should be rejected.  This report was delivered to each Councillor on December 8, 2017, in preparation for the December 18, 2017 City of Nanaimo Council meeting where the OCP Amendment Application will be rejected or approved.  Save Linley's Hidden Ridge will have a delegation of four speakers presenting at the Council meeting.  If you are interested, we invite you to read the report, which can be accessed below.

Key concerns we raise are that this development will:

  • Destroy an ecological gem and irreparably damage the ecosystem of the entire Linley Valley, which is home to many at-risk species.
  • Devastate sensitive wetlands and downstream water systems, which are critical habitat for migrating birds, beavers and many other plants and animals.
  • Diminish the cultural and recreational value of the forest that the Nanaimo City Council has assembled to create the Linley Valley-Cottle Lake Park. 
  • Massively increase the daily traffic on Lost Lake Road and add further pressure in the event of heavy snowfall, an earthquake or other natural disasters.
  • Dangerously increase the fire risk in this urban/forest interface which is outside the six-minute fire response area.
  • Require expensive and extensive utility installation and service upgrades.