Photography provided by Ron J. Clark

We are citizens of Nanaimo and we believe that healthy communities need healthy natural ecosystems.  

Our Mission

  1. To protect Linley Valley-Cottle Lake Park from the impacts of development of the Linley Valley Hidden Ridge.
  2. To work with the citizens of Nanaimo and the City of Nanaimo to develop a comprehensive plan for Linley Valley and the surrounding neighbourhoods.
  3. To have Linley Valley's hidden ridge added to the existing Linley Valley-Cottle Lake Park

How Can you Help

  • Stay informed about important dates and events (add your email to mail list)
  • Spread the word about this initiative with friends and family
  • Send a letter or email opposing this development to the Mayor and Councillors (click here)

Bullrushes in the misty wetland off Tanya Drive

  • Attend a public meeting or awareness raising event (see Events page)
  • Share your ideas and concerns via the Contact page